10 of the Most Comfortable Cars in the World

10 of the Most Comfortable Cars in the World
10 of the Most Comfortable Cars in the World

When it comes to comfort some vehicles outshine the others. Many companies have tried to create the most comfortable vehicle in the work, but how successful were they?

Well, today we are going to take a look at a number of vehicles considered by many to be the most comfortable. We are going to judge them based on the level of comfort they offer as well as their affordability.

Or list will look at everything from luxury and comfort to entertainment and affordability. Please note that even though all entries are numbered they are not in any particular order.

  1. The Becker JetVan

Becker JetVan Luxury TrucksHow would you like to get a little taste of the good life? Better yet, how would you feel about having your own private “jet”? Well, now you can experience the comfort of owning your own private jet that comes in the form of The Becker JetVan. Designed to resemble the interior of a private jet, this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will set you back about $400,000.

When it comes to comfort, Mercedes is definitely on top of everyone’s list. The brand is known for its luxurious vehicles however the unique interior of The Becker JetVan was designed by Becker Auto Designs.

If you fancy experiencing the luxury of a private jet without getting off the ground or spending millions, the JetVan could be the perfect option for you.

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce phantomIt’s a well-known fact that vehicles produced by Rolls-Royce are among the most luxurious on the planet. Our list simply wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the brand or at least one of its vehicles.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a vehicle manufactured by the British luxury brand Rolls-Royce. What makes it so special you might ask? Well, perhaps it’s the fact that it’s handmade. That’s right each Rolls-Royce vehicle is handmade, which perhaps is the reason why they all cost as much as they do.

The interior of the Phantom is just as luxurious as the exterior. It even comes with a 2” thick fluffy carpet, taking things one step further and elevating the vehicle to another level of luxury.

Don’t get too excited though as the Phantom will cost you… a lot.

  1. 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Bentley MULSANNE SPEEDWhen it comes to luxury and comfort no company does it like Bentley. Its vehicles are world renowned for the level of elegance and comfort that they offer. The 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed is no different. 24 different colours of leather are available to choose from for the interior making each Mulsanne Speed truly one of a kind.

Additionally, the vehicle includes lambswool floor mats, rear-seat foot rest, a rear-seat DVD setup with dual screens as well as black privacy curtains.

Unfortunately, just like all the other Bentley vehicles, the Mulsanne Speed is too expensive for most people.

  1. 2015 Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosse CXSPerhaps the LaCrosse isn’t an obvious pick for a list of the most comfortable cars in the world however there’s no denying the fact that it remains a favourite among luxury car enthusiasts. With an interior that includes leather seating and a heated and ventilated front row, the vehicle definitely offers a certain level of luxury.

To make things even better real wood from the Tamo ash tree provides elegant accents that tie everything together.

  1. Volvo S60

Volvo S60When it comes to the Volvo S60, it’s all about the driver. With front seats considered to be among the softest in the industry, the S60 is perfect for long drives. Because all the attention is on the driver, rear passengers might feel a little cramped due to the sloping roof.

The interior also includes other comforts such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, lumbar support and driver memory settings. On top of that the vehicle also includes a number of safety features, which Volvo is known for.

Overall the Volvo S60 definitely deserves a mention on our list however if you find yourself stuck in the back of one, you might not feel as comfortable as the driver.

  1. Lexus LS

LEXUS LS600hLexus is considered to be one of the most luxurious brands on the market however how comfortable are its vehicles? According to many, they’re extremely comfortable.

The Lexus LS is considered by many to be among the most comfortable vehicles available on the market. It includes soft leather seats, selectable driving modes and exclusive-class seating.

Ultimate comfort comes at a price so as expected the Lexus LS will cost you about $80,000.

  1. Nissan Altima

Nissan AltimaIf comfortable seats are what you’re after then Nissan Altima could be the vehicle for you. Designed to mimic the relaxed shape of the human back, Altima’s seats are made with the passengers in mind. Developed using NASA research into comfortable seating in zero gravity, the seats included in Altima are truly on of a kind.

Nissan Altima is also a little more affordable compared to the other entries on our list making it the perfect vehicle for anyone with a smaller budget.

  1. Volkswagen Passat

VW PassatThe Volkswagen Passat is praised by many for its excellent handling and impressive interior. Although it’s not as luxurious as a Lexus or a Rolls Royce, it stands its ground and does exactly what you would expect.

Many have described the Passat’s rear seats as having limousine-like leg room.

Fortunately, the Passat is slightly less expensive compared to some of its rivals.

  1. Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300COne surprising vehicle that keeps getting recognition for its level of luxury and comfort is the Chrysler 300. Perhaps it isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when looking into buying a luxury vehicle however the Chrysler 300 has been praised for the amount of comfort it offers.

What makes the vehicle so special is the fact that it includes soft leather seats, ambient lighting and an 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system.

  1. McLaren 12C

McLaren MP4 12CSupercars aren’t usually known for their comfort however McLaren 12C definitely deserves a mention on our list. It has excellent handling that makes each ride in the 12C smooth and relaxing.


Of course the interior doesn’t even compare to some of the other vehicles mentioned on our list.

Regardless of how cramped it might feel, McLaren 12C is one of the most comfortable supercars on the market.

So there you have it, our pick for the most comfortable cars on the market. Do you agree with our list? Feel free to let us know and don’t forget to share this article if you found it interesting.

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