Bentley State Limousine

Bentley State Limousine
Bentley State Limousine

Britain’s royal family is world renowned and pretty much everyone around the world is familiar with the Queen. When we think about the queen we don’t usually think about cars, however she does have to travel somehow. Obviously you wouldn’t expect to see her in the back of some small and average vehicle, which is exactly why Bentley was in charge of building a car to commemorate the occasion of her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

Bentley is famous for the level of luxury that its vehicles offer. That explains why they were in charge of building the car.

The Bentley State Limousine included a twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V8 engine. Taken from the Bentley Arnage R, the engine was modified to produce 400 hp (300 kW). The car was capable of reaching a top speed of 130 mph (210 km/h).

Outside, the car looked just like your “average” Bentley –simple yet elegant. At first glance you wouldn’t have noticed that the car’s windows and body were armoured. Its cabin could also be sealed air-tight in case of a gas attack. On top of that the vehicle was also blast-resistant and its tyres were kevlar-reinforced.

The vehicle is only used by the queen on official engagement and occasionally when she travels to church.

Inside, the vehicle is just as luxurious as any other Bentley, if not more. Lambswool sateen cloth was used on the upholstery of the rear seats, which added a little more luxury for the queen to enjoy.

You can usually tell when the queen is inside the vehicle because the bonnet ornament is replaced by either that of a Saint George slaying a dragon or a Lion.

Only two were ever produced making it one of the rarest models on the planet.

Overall, the Bentley State Limousine is a fantastic example of how luxurious vehicles can be. It also proves that Bentley is a truly excellent brand capable of producing unique and fascinating vehicles.

Would you considering purchasing a Bentley State Limousine for yourself if it was available to the public? Let us know as we lover hearing from you.

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