Brabus Upgrade- Mercedes AMG GLC 63

Brabus Upgrade- Mercedes AMG GLC 63
Brabus Upgrade- Mercedes AMG GLC 63

Brabus GLC 63

An already luxury and powerful SUV gets more power.

Brabus has stepped in and modified the Mercedes– AMG GLC 63. So is it that AMG’s twin-turbo V8 SUV too slow & underpowered? A strange mindset when approaching something that is packing 503BHP and does 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds.

Yet, Brabus has done what Brabus does. The 4-litre bi-turbo V8 ECU has been treated to a new control module. Which adds the new mapping for the injection, ignition and ups the boost pressure. The tweaked V8 is matched with a nine-speed auto gearbox stole from the E63. With a particular stainless steel exhaust system that reduces back pressure.

The result is an extra 88BHP to make a total of 591BHP. The torque output is 590lb up from 516lb. This all springs to life from around 1,700rpm. The result in performance then is two tenths from the GLC’s 0-62 now down to 3.6 seconds.

As for where the GLC 63 bottoms out at 155mph which is limited. The Brabus offering manages a top speed of 186mph. That’s’ quite a bit faster. There has been no mention of more extensive and stronger brakes. Although just merely show your wallet to the Brabus technician and they will gladly oblige.

Elsewhere, there are carbon fibre body components to help aero and to scare puny earthling motor vehicles. Lightweight and forged Brabus wheels ranging from 19in to 22in size. Stylish air suspension that drops the car by 30mm. With plenty of custom options for the interior. Think any colour, Alcantara leather & carbon fibre.

GLC 63

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