Chrysler Cordoba (1975-1983)

Chrysler Cordoba (1975-1983)
Chrysler Cordoba (1975-1983)

Although we have looked at a number of luxurious vehicles over the last couple of months, we haven’t yet looked at Chrysler. Well, today we are going to change that. The vehicle that we are going to focus on is the Chrysler Cordoba. Launched in 1975, the car was the brand’s first venture into the personal luxury market and it proved quite successful.

Whilst the Chrysler Cordoba itself didn’t make its debut until the mid-1970’s, in the early 1960’s the brand began exploring the idea of smaller cars. It was never Chrysler’s intention to become a brand specialising in smaller vehicles, however it still wanted to offer something of that type to its customers.

The Cordoba name has made its debut in 1970 in the form of a package version of the Chrysler Newport hardtop. This full-size model had little to do with the actual Cordoba, which later appeared in 1975.

Designed to compete with the likes of Mercury Cougar and Buick Regal, the Cordoba was marketed as an upscale personal luxury vehicle upon launch.

The car looked very intriguing. It featured the familiar Chrysler aesthetic mixed with elements popular in the 1970’s. It came with a variety of different V8 engines, so depending on what the customer was after, they had the opportunity to choose the one best suited for them. The first generation Cordoba remained in production until 1979, after which it was replaced with the second generation.

In 1980, the second generation Chrysler Cordoba was introduced. The vehicle was much smaller in size compared to its predecessor and its styling slightly differed. Although, the redesign wasn’t major, the car definitely felt much more modern and fresh. Compared to the original Cordoba, which received critical acclaim for its styling, the new and “improved” model failed to make an impression, which lead to disappointing sales and the ultimate demise of the Cordoba.

Although, the car only remained in production for a mere 8 years, it experienced moderate success. Unfortunately, the second generation of the Cordoba didn’t make an impact and marked the car’s demise.

Chrysler is arguably one of the most luxurious American carmakers. Having been around for 90 years, the brand produced a variety of unique vehicles, most of which have been praised by both critics and customers.

How do you feel about the Chrysler Cordoba? Are you a fan? Let us know.

There’s no denying that it was a great looking vehicle that offered a level of luxury, very few manufactures have ever been able to mimic.

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