Inside the Bentley Mulsanne

Inside the Bentley Mulsanne
Inside the Bentley Mulsanne

Many of us are familiar with Bentley Motors. The brand has been around since 1919 and over the years it has built an impressive reputation for itself. Bentley is known for its luxury vehicles that offer a great level of comfort and elegance.

Bentley Mulsanne was introduced in 2010, having debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance a year prior. It marked the return of the Mulsanne nameplate, which hasn’t been used since 1992 at the time. Not only that, the new Mulsanne also marked the first Bentley to be designed independently by Bentley Motors since 1930. Most Bentley vehicles shared their platforms with Rolls-Royce vehicle so it was a nice change for the brand.

Of course as expected, luxury played a huge role in the vehicle. Over 100 paint colours were available to customers to make their vehicle unique as well as over 20 carpet colours and leather hides for the interior.

Inside the car, passengers could enjoy a great number of features that elevated the vehicle to another level. An audio system with Bluetooth, MP3 and MMI capability was available as well as a luxury bottle cooler and storage area with enough room for two large Champagne bottles.

In 2013, the vehicle was further improved with even more luxurious features introduced. Footrests and headrests as well as cushions and armrest storage could be enjoyed by the passengers, bringing the level of luxury the car offered to a new high.

Apart from the luxuries mentioned above, many additional extras were available for the buyers to choose from.

If you’re looking for luxury then the Bentley Mulsanne will definitely satisfy your needs. It doesn’t come cheap however. The Mulsanne will cost you around £200,000 to £250,000 depending on the version you choose as well as the extras.

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