Lancia Flaminia (1957-1970)

Lancia Flaminia (1957-1970)
Lancia Flaminia (1957-1970)

The vehicle that we are going to focus on today is the Lancia Flaminia. Launched in 1957, the car offered a rather high level of luxury at the time. Of course, times have changed and what was once considered luxurious might not necessarily be viewed that way today, however certain vehicles are timeless.

Luxury comes in many different shapes and sizes. Many manufacturers have tried to produce luxurious vehicles over the years and whilst some of them were successful, quite a few have failed. Merely including soft seats and a couple of exclusive features does not make a vehicle luxurious. It’s all about the whole package, which is something only a select few manufactures seem to understand.

Whether the Lancia is one such vehicle is difficult to tell. On one hand it was a fantastic vehicle that offered quite a lot however was it a complete package? We’re going to find that out today.

The Flaminia replaced the popular Lancia Aurelia. Although the two shared a chassis, it was slightly upgraded for the release of the Flaminia. The car looked very elegant with a mix of elements from the 1940’s and modern features at the time.

Not only did it look great but it also offered quite a lot when it came to performance. Powered by a 2.5-litre OHC Lancia V6 engine, the 1957 model was capable of producing 102hp (76 kW), however over the years the car came with a number of different engines, with the Super Sport version ultimately producing 152 hp from 1964 to 1967

The car was also available in a selection of different body styles. Although they all shared a similar aesthetic, each had something different to offer.

So, the question remains; was the Lancia Flaminia a whole package or was it merely a mediocre car masquerading as a luxury vehicle?

From what we discovered today, it’s safe to say that the Flaminia was a whole package. It looked elegant and luxurious and it offered a smooth driving experience. It didn’t rely heavily on pointless exclusive features, instead it was a solid vehicle that also happened to be extremely luxurious.

How do you feel about the Flaminia? Would you Sell your car to Trusted Car Buyers and purchase Lancia Flaminia? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to come back soon for even more fun articles about luxurious vehicles.

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