Land Rover Defender: The End Edition

Land Rover Defender: The End Edition
Land Rover Defender: The End Edition

When Land Rover decided to pull the plug on one of its most beloved models, the iconic Defender, the whole industry was shocked and surprised by the decision. It marked the end of an era and an end to an incredible car that transformed the industry forever. Reade more here.

Fortunately, depending how you look at it, Kahn Automobiles has just announced “The End Edition” of the Defender scheduled to cost £50,000.

The unique edition of the beloved Defender will be limited to 50 units, thus marking yet another end to the classic Defender.

Although the iconic aesthetic of the Defender remains unchanged, the End Edition sports a completely unique look, one that makes it look a lot more aggressive and bold.

Powered by a 2.2-litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, the End Edition reportedly received a power upgrade, however at the moment we don’t have any more details.

The car is a fantastic example of how flexible the Defender was. You could make it unique with a few modifications, which is part of the reason why it appealed to so many people.

Wonderful in its original form, the car could be turned into many different things, giving owners the freedom to experiment with their Defenders and make them very unique.

Surely, the End Edition will do well as it’s likely to appeal to Land Rover fanatics as well as those not as passionate about the brand.

Kahn was able to create something bold and unique-looking, which is exactly what people are after, especially when it comes to collectors.

At £50,000, it’s not so expensive that only the super-rich can afford it, so we will likely see it do well.

Unfortunately, once the End Edition sells out, we will be forced to say goodbye to the iconic Defender once more, this time for good.

Are you a fan of Kahn’s “End Edition” of the Defender? Will you consider purchasing one? Let us know your thoughts.

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