Lexus: Issues with US model software update

Lexus: Issues with US model software update
Lexus: Issues with US model software update

According to latest reports, US owners of Lexus cars are experiencing issues following an infotainment system update.

Lexus is renowned for the luxury of its vehicle. Having been around for a long time, the brand established itself as a provider of reliable, comfortable and luxurious vehicles.

Regardless of the brand’s status; however, it has been reported that users are experiencing numerous issues, following the latest software update of the infotainment system.

Areas believed to be affected include sat nav and sound and climate control, which are both controlled through the infotainment system in question.

Lexus has released a statement revealing that it believes only its “Lexus Enform” system is affected. The Enform is a connected technology service that is not available in the UK, at the moment, meaning all affect vehicles are in the US.

Although, Lexus has taken full responsibility for the fault, it hasn’t yet revealed any plans to fix the issue.

It’s not clear at the moment, whether a simple software update will be enough, or if customers will need to take their vehicle in to their nearest dealership.

Ever since infotainment systems and connectivity softwares have been introduced, numerous similar issues have come to light.

Whether that’s merely part of figuring out such technologies, or a sign that something needs to be done about these systems remains a mystery.

With the number of recent scandals in the automotive industry, it’s crucial that Lexus fixes the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

In the recent months, we saw numerous manufactures face public outrage from customers, dissatisfied with the way things are going.

Volkswagen suffered, what is perhaps the biggest scandal in automotive history, and it was recently joined by Mitsubishi, which saw its share prices fall by a staggering 50% following the recent scandal.

If Lexus acts quickly, it will probably be able to save its reputation and make its customers happy. If it doesn’t find a solution however, it could face a similar fate to the numerous manufactures that have recently made headlines.

How do you feel about the issue? Do you think Lexus will manage to fix the fault and satisfy its customers? Let us know, and don’t forget to come back soon for more fun articles about luxury vehicles. More Lexus articles: here


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