Most Luxury Range Rover – 2017 Review

Most Luxury Range Rover – 2017 Review
Most Luxury Range Rover – 2017 Review


Land Rovers Range Rover SVAutobiography is one of the unique vehicle operations produced and is very luxurious. These Range Rovers are exclusively produced at a special facility near Coventry. There are two wheelbase options available one as dynamic and the other as long-wheelbase versions. To get your hands on one of these most luxury range rovers in the world is going to cost you around £130,000 as standard. The former is only available with one engine, which is a supercharged V8. However, the others offer three other engines, an SDV6 Hybrid diesel, an SDV8 diesel and a V8 supercharged petrol engine. The SVAutobiography is the Range Rover flagship model which is premium handcrafted.

Range Rover Design and StyleRange Rover

The most noticeable change compared with standard range rovers is the new dual rear seats and substantial centre and arrangement of the console. The console stores a pair of aluminium tray tables. There is also a refrigerated locker that can take two tall glasses and a little bottle. As you can imagine, the specification list is long and comprehensive. The SVAutobiography equipped with as standard acoustic windows and windscreen, bi-xenon headlights, parking sensors, air suspension, quad-exhaust system, adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera and many Land Rover autonomous safety technologies, including on the LWB versions have a sliding panoramic roof.

Inside the Range Rover, there is plenty of luxurious features inside the cabin. This includes climate control which can be controlled remotely, heated and ventilated seats with massage features and a heating steering wheel feature. Also, a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system which comes with sat nav, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and TV tuner. The extended wheelbase versions also offer electric sun blinds. Much of the interior switch-gear made from aluminium. Additionally, the exterior gets a graphite finish which is on the grille and other little trim parts. An even more exclusive feature is the walnut wood across the boot floor. The long wheel based is better for being driven around in. Interestingly because in the standard edition the rear wheels crash more over sharp-edged bumps and there is more background noise. Whereas the long wheel based is much better but still suffers from occasional thumping.


The Range Rover offers different engine out for which model you would want. The 334bp V8 diesel version supposedly the better car to drive.The torque suits the character of the Range Rover. Especially on brisk roads and it still delivers on the effortless driving position. Moreover, it yet has exceptional off-road abilities. This makes what makes it a more luxury Unique SUV type vehicle.

There are five different engine types available for the SVAutobiography. Both long wheel based versions both have a 5 and 4.4 litres V8 supercharged. This engine can reach a top speed of 135/140mph. The standard versions still come with a 5 litre V8 supercharged. Which can reach a top speed of 140mph. This is because it’s lighter. There is also an additional 3-litre V6 version available, and this can reach up to 135mph.


Overall the Range Rover SVAutobiography is remarkable. Though it is an expensive vehicle, it is worth the price tag. Which entails lots of exciting and beneficial features. These features are all useful and what makes this particular range rover so unique and luxurious. Additionally, this is a powerful vehicle pushing a heavy load, so there are many different engine options for which one you desire.Moreover, this is one of the unique and luxurious vehicles in today’s society which is reasonably cheap compared to some of the big competitors like Rolls Royce.

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