Mercedes-Benz GLT pick-up truck

Mercedes-Benz GLT pick-up truck
Mercedes-Benz GLT pick-up truck

Spy shots of the highly-anticipated Mercedes-Benz GLT pick-up truck have been revealed online, giving us a tiny glimpse at the upcoming vehicle.

Although, it hasn’t officially been confirmed, the new pick-up is believed to be going on sale next year. It’s said to have the name GLT, however once again, nothing has been confirmed yet. If true, the vehicle would be the first Mercedes-Benz to feature the letter T in its name.

The spied model was heavily disguised so we didn’t get to see much, however what’s apparent is the fact that the vehicle looks quite intriguing. It feels somewhat familiar, with elements BMW is known for, peeking through the disguise.

Pick-up trucks are currently experiencing a growth in popularity, with various carmakers using it as an opportunity to experiment something slightly out of their comfort zone.

Although they were very popular back in the day, in the early 1990’s people have lost interest in them leading to a decline in overall sales and the eventual demise of numerous models.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLT is one of many pick-ups scheduled to be introduced in the near future. We’re expecting more information about the model to become available very soon, however in the meantime, the spy shots will just have to do.

We’re very excited for Mercedes-Benz to introduce this new model and we’re hoping that it will be become a part of the brand’s range.

It isn’t clear at the moment where exactly the Mercedes-Benz GLT will be available, however there’s a strong possibility that it will go on sale in Europe. Early reports suggested that the vehicle won’t be available in North America but that hasn’t been confirmed.

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