Rolls-Royce Zenith Phantoms final year

Rolls-Royce Zenith Phantoms final year
Rolls-Royce Zenith Phantoms final year

Rolls-Royce has unveiled the new “Zenith Collection” earlier this week to mark the Phantoms final year of production.
It’s not every day that an iconic vehicle rolls of the production line for the last time. Although it’s not all bad news as the next-gen Phantom is already scheduled for 2018, it’s the end of an era.
Introduced back in the 1920’s when the brand was first starting out, the Phantom was unlike anything ever seen before. Luxurious and elegant, the vehicle quickly became an icon and earned praise all over the world.
Today, it remains a popular model that’s still at the forefront of the luxury car market.
The Zenith Collection, which already is sold out, is one of the most exclusive special-editions on the planet right now. Only 50 will ever be made making the, already exclusive, Phantom ever more exclusive, if that’s even possible.
Each of the Zenith Phantoms are reportedly going to be bespoke. Extra new colour options, designed specifically for the Zenith Collection, are going to be available for customers to choose from.
On top of that, a number of unique features have been added, arguably making the 50 example the most luxurious Rolls-Royce cars to date.
In the rear, a glass shelf together with a large champagne fridge can be found with a modified version of the brand’s picnic hamper also present.
Additional badges and markings differentiate each of the 50 examples from each other, as each one them is numbered.
Inside, the level of luxury doesn’t disappoint either, with lighter leather seats in the front and a new brushed steel speedometer.
If the customers choose to make their vehicles even more exclusive, they can with the brand’s “starlight headliner” option, which turns the car’s roof into the night sky, with thousands of tiny lights.
Rolls-Royce has definitely put a lot of thought into this new collection, which is more than likely going to do the original Phantom justice.
What do you think of the Zenith Collection? Would you purchase one if more examples were available and they weren’t all sold out? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more articles about luxurious cars.

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