T-Prime concept new form of Volkswagen Touareg

T-Prime concept new form of Volkswagen Touareg
T-Prime concept new form of Volkswagen Touareg

A great number of manufacturers are previewing their upcoming SUV’s at this year’s Beijing Motor Show. They are currently in demand, which is why we’re seeing more manufacturers entering the market in hopes of competing with the best. Volkswagen’s T-Prime concept, which appeared in Beijing earlier this week, is based on the new Touareg and gives us a tiny glimpse into the future of the car.

The Volkswagen Touareg first launched in 2011, however the brand is preparing to introduce the new Touareg in the near future, possibly as early as 2017/2018.

Just by looking at the vehicle, you can tell straight away that it’s slightly bigger compared to the current model. Some are speculating that this is due to the brand’s other SUVs increasing in size in the recent years, so it was probably the best way to go.

Appearance-wise, the T-Prime concept looks much more aggressive than the current SUV. It’s much bolder and more unique-looking, which gives it a little character and makes it stand out among the brand’s other models.

The vehicle also showcases the brand’s new plugin-hybrid technology. Whilst the Passat and Golf already come with the brands hybrid tech, more power was given to the SUV, resulting in better performance.

The concept comes with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine capable of producing 248bhp on top on an electric motor producing 134bhp.

According to the brand, the vehicle has an electric range of around 31 miles, which isn’t too bad.

A number of extra features are also present on the vehicle, giving it a little edge and character.

Volkswagen, which is still dealing with the consequences of its last year’s scandal, is trying desperately to prove to people that it can be trusted.

The brand is placing more focus on alternative powertrains, with a number of all-electric models planned for the near future.

Whether the new Touareg will look exactly like the T-Prime remains to be seen, however if the brand is able to pull it off it could potentially have a solid SUV on its hands.

How do you feel about the T-Prime concept? Are you excited for the new Touareg? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to come back soon for more fun articles about luxurious cars.

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