Volkswagen Sedric – driverless car concept

Volkswagen Sedric – driverless car concept
Volkswagen Sedric – driverless car concept

When we say technology has been doing the unthinkable for us, we do not talk without proof. The new Sedric introduced by Volkswagen is a first of its kind, fully autonomous vehicle. The car has no steering wheel or pedals, an idea that revolutionises the whole concept of driving. According to the company, the Sedric is a “cross band ideas platform” which will be extended to all of the subsidiaries of Volkswagen Group.

The design of the vehicle is compact and resembles the one that we see in sci-fi movies belonging to the future. The passengers will be transported to the desired destination by merely pushing a button on a remote, once inside the car. The button which would help the consumers summon the Sedric is connected to a ‘universal mobility ID’. This is like using a taxi service like Uber, only this time without someone in the driving seat.

While the concept surely sounds sensational, it will still be a while before it becomes a reality. In the last year, Volkswagen announced a plan named ‘2025 strategy’ which is aimed at a paradigm shift towards electronic and autonomous vehicles. The Sedric is an idea that combines all of the planned features to be introduced step by step in the upcoming cars. By 2025, the company intends to have 30 different all-electric cars on the market with the sales touching a whopping two to three million.

Overall, the self-driving car is at Level 5 of autonomy, the highest that exists. There are sliding doors on each side with sofa seats placed inside for greater comfort. The material used for these is a fine quality of leather. The interior is fairly spacious for the size of the car giving a homely vibe. We cannot wait for the time when this technologically advanced yet incredibly comfortable Sedric will hit the market.

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