Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1
Zenvo ST1

It’s very hard for an unknown manufacturer to produce a vehicle that’s actually good and functional however that’s exactly what Zenvo attempted. Founded in 2004 by Troels Vollertsen, the Danish manufacturer has only produced one vehicle so far. The Zenvo ST1 was completed in 2008 and went into production in 2009.

Don’t get too excited as only 15 units were ever produced each costing around €660,000. Even if you sold your old car you’d have to be super rich to be able to afford it.

The supercar included a turbocharged and supercharged 6.8-litre V8 engine and was capable of reaching a top speed of 233 mph (375 km/h).

Although the vehicle was rather powerful and definitely looked the part, it experienced numerous issues.

It was featured on Top Gear, where it was panned and criticised. At one point it even caught fire after a cooling unit failure.

In 2015 the vehicle appeared at the Copenhagen historic grand prix where once again it caught fire. This time it was caused by fuel line problems.

Only 15 Zenvo ST1’s were ever produced, each priced at around €660,000. Due to the high registration taxes in Denmark, where it would cost DKK 16 million (€2,143,952) to insure, the vehicle was aimed at the export market only.

Overall the Zenvo ST1 was an aesthetically pleasing vehicle that wasn’t quite as good as expected. Perhaps in the hands of another manufacturer it would’ve been a lot better however we will never know. Whether the brand will ever manufacture another vehicle is currently not certain. All we know is that if more effort is made to improve the vehicle and fix its numerous faults, it really has the potential to be as great as the likes of Lamborghini and Jaguar.

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